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I don’t know why – but these seasonal post are some of the most fun for me to write… as I discover new products | books | clothes | & all the in-between.

I love sharing my favs with you! Please do not hesitate to comment any requests you would like me to cover on a post or in a video! I would love to hear from you!!




I randomly bought this at Target – & so far, I love it… 🙂 

How To Use: Use as a makeup and face primer, or with your daily skin care routine. Can be used alone, under, or over makeup.


What It Is: An anti-oxidant packed, oil-free, pearluminous formula that helps tighten and brighten skin for a radiant glow.


Why It’s Good For You: Enriched with Rose Water to help soothe, calm, and hydrate skin.  Formulated with antioxidant-rich Goji and Kakadu Plum – the richest Vitamin C source of any fruit.


Key Ingredients: Calming Rose Water, Brightening Kakadu Plum, Tightening Peptide Blend, Protecting Anti-Oxidant Goji.




I heard MY SIDE OF THE FENCE when I was getting ready for work one day. 

I fell in love with it INSTANTLY. I love the message in this song becuase loving someone is all about investment & choosing love everyday.

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it is greener – where you water it!”

I wanted to share it with you… Not only is country music the only music I want to listen to during the summer, but when REAL quality country music comes out – there is just nothing like it!

I love that Dan + Shay put their own love stories & journey in each song. It brings me back to MY special day with my GREATEST LOVE!


BY THE WAY: If you havent seen our wedding video – you can… CLICK HERE. 



When I think of summer, I often think of SUNBURN | HEAT | & THE FACT THAT


I don’t know what you have to work with, but I have VERY light skin, & I like it that way – so I don’t lay out, like EVER. It is never something I even think about… 

Pacifica SPF 30 Mineral Face Shade 1.7oz  & Pacifica SPF 50 Mineral Face Stick .6oz

  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to spray my face with sunscreen, so I prefer using a stick or lotion & these Pacifica Face Sunscreen with Beneficial SPF 30 are amazing to help protect your skin from sun damage while delivering soothing hydration.


Now that you have some choices to protect your skin this summer, it is vert important to follow these simple tips:

  • Apply sunscreen every hour, even though you think you don’t need it.
  • Rinse off chlorine and salt water as soon as you can.
  • Check the dates. Sunscreen has expiration dates, specially the all natural ones.
  • Drink water to keep you and your skin hydrated.




I love a good Quote.

I’m sure you do too, I am always looking for cute ones & new thoughts to post!


So, I wanted to give you a few that you could just drag off & or save – to post on instagram or your story if you would like.


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