Love Fiercely


L  O  V  E    ♥    F  I  E  R  C  E  L  Y 

     Hey y’all! I’m Keela. I was born & raised in the country of TEXAS. I love anything that has black | gold | white | or grey – if it has any metals or shine involved & if there are studs or rhinestones, or looks somewhat edgy – I WANT IT RIGHT NOW! As long as I can remember, I’ve been loud | I have a lot of opinions | I am very passionate about the things & people I love. Since I was a little girl – I loved the word | idea | & thoughts having to do with LOVE.

     I think that love is many times what we long for the most & even look for in life. However, we desire something to be given to us that we do not often give without a great price. Love is something we many times lack in our own lives because we simply do not give it. But what I have learned is that love is even beyond a choice… It is a way of life! People say, “I’m a lover – not a fighter.” In my opinion, you HAVE to be a fighter to be a great lover.

     Loving yourself & others is not easy, but I believe if we can choose to LOVE FIERCELY, which means {To love with a brave, heartfelt power & intensity} – we will see not only our lives change for the better, but the world around us will change as well. Because love is not based on others actions | feelings | or even if they love you back. To LOVE FIERCELY is to understand that it is a way of living, based on God {who is love} & your ability to give love as well as be love to others comes from Him. 

     I married Cole on June 1st 2017 – He has changed me forever. My heart will never be the same since loving him – I realized, I never knew love, I never understood why certain things happened in life, & I now understand God in a new way, since meeting my husband. God has given me the GREATEST gift, He has opened my eyes, heart, & mind like never before. Anything that took place before loving Cole is only for learning. It is only now that I feel that I truly have the opportunity to live my BEST life.

     I had the privilege to grow up in an incredible family. I am the middle kid, which tends to mean you are the most unique one in your family. I am so grateful to be a part of a family that has taught me to love deeply | live boldly | & choose to strive to be my best everyday. My dad is my hero & my mom is the greatest woman in the world. They have been together since they were 15 & have lived their entire life serving God & helping people win for God. They both inspire me everyday to be better, to honor God, to help people & to change the world for Him through love. 

      I grew up traveling the world with my family singing & doing ministry. I have an older brother who is literally a genius & a younger sister who is the most talented & beautiful woman I have known. We are all very unique | strong | & passionate. My siblings & I have very different talents & focuses, but the thing I love the most is that we all love & support each other in all seasons of life. Our parents have taught us that our differences are the unique deposit of God in us, & that together we are stronger than we ever would be on our own. They have also taught us about legacy & what it means to stand out & be leaders for God in a world that so desperately needs Him.

     My goal in life is to simply, love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind, & strength, in addition to loving others as myself. The words LOVE FIERCELY actually explain who I am as a person, who I strive to be, & who I am fighting every day to become. I love REAL people, there is nothing like knowing genuine individuals. I think that every person has something powerful & unique to give the world. I believe that while the enemy has a plan, God’s plan is greater. It is our pain He turns into promise | our opposition He makes into opportunity | & God is so faithful, He uses what we think as useless | & He forges them into powerful weapons against the enemy. Our lives – your story is significant, it has so much meaning. God leaves nothing wasted. In the Bible, it says that He turns our ashes into beauty, & another verse states that God gives a crown to those who stand firm against the trial.  

     I really do believe that God has great things for each person He created. However, I also think that we get to choose what reality we live in. Are you a victim or are you victorious? Do you find yourself worrying or are you a warrior for God? Does your life have a purpose, or are you wondering why you are even here? The ability to see the meaning & find the purpose & power God has for you is totally dependent on your choice to give God ALL of your heart & all of your life. I hope that in following my journey you are inspired to let God have it all. I hope that you are able to see & read the realness in my journey to choose to give Him the good | the bad | the stuff no one knows about… EVERYTHING!

      My heart is to help inspire others to live in the authority that God has already given you! I hope that as I share my life & my heart you can learn to choose to live as a victorious loving warrior, to be a person who loves in the face of hate & choose peace & joy in the middle of a storm & hope in the darkest places in life. I cannot wait to get to know you. I am excited to share with you | & I hope you find that place of strength in God like never before so that you can understand that you are CHOSEN, you are SPECIAL, LOVED, CALLED, you are VICTORIOUS, you are a WARRIOR!