Love Fiercely



Keela Craft Ambrose has been traveling the world with her family, speaking, singing & doing minisry her whole life. She is the founder of & the podcast called, “Love Fiercely” – her desire is to help inspire others to use all of their life for God’s glory. Her unique life story enables her to influence people from all walks of life & backgrounds, for the kingdom of God.

She graduated from Oral Roberts University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational & interpersonal communications. She is currently leads Elevate Leadership Institute, a vocational leadership college in Frisco TX. 

Her life motto is, “LOVE FIERCELY” & her passion is to authentically show people the character of God through her story & life-lessons. With transparency she shares her journey of pain, healing, & restoration all over the world. If there is one thing she wants you to know, it is that, with God – NOTHING is wasted!


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