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Exciting News

This is the BEST post I’ve ever typed… I can’t believe that I get to announce: I AM GETTING MARRIED! Cole is such a gift from God & since the first day we spoke – I knew He was my husband. I’ve never felt anything like it! God is not…
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January is Human Trafficking awareness month. When I see images of children & others facing the horrible reality of sex-slavery… It breaks my heart. To be honest- It makes me feel uncomfortable even looking at real images like these. But things will not change unless we are able to face the…

You Should Lift!

Hello Everyone! I have received some requests for workout tips | weight loss information | & health inspiration. I want to disclaimer this post by saying I am NOT a personal trainer, nor am I an expert in any fitness realm. Yet I am a real woman- Who has had real…
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In Hebrew Bracha ”[b*raka]’‘ means Blessing. I heard about Bracha a while ago… I even owned a few of their pieces. But when I found out the purpose behind the product… I had to help support it. Bracha is a jewelry line by two sisters (Sayra + Michelle) who found a passion at a women’s…