Love Fiercely


How do I even begin to describe in words – THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE?!?

I have no clue, but let me try…

First let me start by sharing some of my favorite pictures with you. {Scroll through the pictures above for a look into the best day!} I tried to put them in the actual order that I remembered things happening — I hope you love them as much as I do. 

So, when I was thinking about how to share this day with you — I thought the best thing would be to just tell you what I was feeling | thinking | & experiencing | & also give you some insight into what today is like — being married 4 months now! Oh also, Cole helped me with this post, so you get to hear from Mr. Ambrose as well. 🙂




I am not sure how I get to be the one living this life, but I feel like I’m living in a life that is so beyond what I ever dreamed or hoped for. All I can say is that God is so good. I look back on June 1st, & I feel like it was so God ordained. Every detail was so special! You would have to give me time to share a million specific things to express how I feel about Cole & so, to write all of this in one blog doesn’t really do our story or wedding day justice. If I did that, I would be filling up hundreds of pages a day with the unique ways that God has shown me love through our story & life together. Cole is not just my prince — he is the only man that has won my whole heart. There are just so many unique & wonderful things about him… Ok wait, the wedding — I need to focus! haha 🙂 

Well, the day started out & I was so excited! I had stayed in a hotel with my sister & mom the night before… I got up & was wayyy to excited to eat — But my sister is always the best at reminding me to eat. We got something quick on our way to the first look. Cole & I decided to do a first look, because we wanted to have time to rest & get everything done that needed to get done on the day of our wedding! Good thing, because we had NO breaks & the day went by so fast, it felt like we didn’t have enough time!

So, a funny, quick story — I did my makeup & hair for the wedding. I got up early, so that I could take my time getting ready. Good thing I decided to do that, because I thought it was a good idea to wear fake lashes on the day of my wedding — last minute. BOY, was I wrong… I didn’t realize my eyelash glue was old & I freaking glued my eyelid shut, no lie! Oh my gosh, it scared me. I had to take off half of my makeup & start over…

Anyways, I did in fact finish my makeup & went to go see Cole for the first time on our wedding day. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, I was so nervous. {HAPPY NERVOUS}. When I saw him, I was all the sudden at peace. The day was finally here — we were getting married. Before Cole, I didn’t even know if real love, deep love was even attainable or realistic. But as soon as we met, I knew this was unlike anything I had seen in movies | heard in love songs | or read in my favorite poems. THIS WAS REAL LOVE & I was given the chance to live in this love forever!

We took pictures for a while & then went to finish packing for the honeymoon (why we hadn’t done it sooner — I have no clue! All I know is that it wasn’t the smartest move.) After a quick run home to pack, we headed to the church… it was time!!! From the moment we arrived at the church, it seemed like hours went by like minutes. I wanted my dad & me to have a special moment, since he hadn’t seen me yet… & we still had family & wedding party pictures to take. That part of the day was all a blur, before I knew it — I was walking down the isle, looking at the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

I held my dads arm so tight as I tried desperately to not fall down – what felt like 100 stairs. Then all of the sudden I was standing with my dad looking up at Cole, realizing THIS WAS IT — Cole & I had the great honor to have my Uncle Denny Duron | our friend Dr. Robi | & my dad officiate the wedding. I thought that the ceremony would go slow, since the whole day seemed to go by so fast — but it went by way to fast. I wanted it to last longer, I wanted to stay in that moment & just marinate in the goodness of God. Because I was in-fact literally standing in the middle of a promise from God & walking into my best life.

The moment I remember the clearest is our vows & when we took communion, it is just such a special moment to me. I think so many people recite things they have read or heard in a movie because they want it to sound great, but that moment — when you are standing in-front of God | your soon to be spouse | & your loved ones vowing to be true & faithful, to choose love — no matter what… theres just nothing like it. You see, I believe that when vow to someone — it is first to God & then to that person. We all need the strength of God to be who we vow to be. I think when you vow something, it is truly the person you want to be no matter what, yet it would be unrealistic to think that we can to do it in our own strength. I will never forget that special time between Cole & I, because I think that vows are the deepest & most public display of your love to a person. I know that God holds you accountable to what you vow & I take it very seriously.

Right after that, we prayed together — took communion & washed each others feet. Feet washing was something that wasn’t cool to do at a wedding as I was growing up — but I had always had a desire to wash my husbands feet at our wedding. To be honest, I thought that moment had been ruined previously — or a better way to say that is that it had been wasted. But when Cole & I began to talk about getting married, he said he had always wanted to do that — & I told him that I had too, but that I didn’t know how I felt about doing it again because in my heart that the moment had been ruined previously & wasted on the wrong person. (If you don’t know my story – go listen to Girl Boss because it I am not going to give it any more space on this page.)

Cole quickly reminded me that THIS was REAL. Our LOVE was REAL. He was the man God created for me, & my desire shouldn’t change just because someone didn’t receive or respect themselves enough to be the man they should have been. I knew Cole was smart — but that moment really helped me because it can be hard in life when you feel that you used your best on someone who was not your best… I realize that God doesn’t put desires in your heart for no reason, He always has a purpose & a plan. & washing his feet is one of the best moments of my life — because I have never wanted to serve someone like I want to serve Cole. I want to be my best for God & my best for him… I want to be the best wife & the greatest love he has ever known. & that was just a representation of my heart towards him & God for our marriage.

I realize I will fall short at times, but washing his feet was an outward expression of my inward desire to love him genuinely & from a place of strength that comes from God. From the point we were announced as husband & wife — my life changed drastically. I love my life. I never knew I could be this happy, I never knew life could be this good. It is not perfect, but when you are with — when you are loving the right person, the person God made for you… there’s just nothing like it!

Let me get back on track here… 🙂 after the wedding we celebrated with friends & then went to an intimate reception with friends & family. We ate breakfast | we danced | & tried to stay awake long enough to eat the donuts. I loved our wedding. I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Everyday I wake up, knowing how blessed I am to have a man who loves God first & then me. I thank God for taking what wasn’t for me — so that I could have all that He had for me.


I  cannot wait to spend the rest of my life loving Cole. I wanna have his babies & create a legacy & family that honors God… I am so excited to see all that God has ahead of us. 


Thank you for loving me & choosing me & all my weird strong ways… Thank you for seeing the good in me & for always loving me harder than yesterday. You are my gift from God & I will be forever grateful that I GET TO LOVE YOU!


June 1st, 2017 will forever be engraved in my heart as the single greatest day of my life. Not everyone on this earth gets the privilege of marrying their best friend. Fortunately for me, I did. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that wouldn’t have been possible without God. All the glory to him. I can honestly say that Keela is beyond my dreams. She is more than I ever thought I was deserving of (which I’m not) in my life. I’m so thankful we don’t serve a God that gives us just enough or even worse, less than enough. Keela represents a divine alignment in my life. I know she’s from God. And no one can take that away from me because she was delivered by God. I thought I had a rough idea of what my wedding would be like, but when I got to marry Keela that whole entire picture changed. It was like experiencing a dream. It was like I was on the front row, watching a timeless classic for the first time. I was in complete awe of how great it was.

I remember specifically when we were saying our vows that I felt like the world stopped for a moment. It was almost as if God was just giving us this space alone to express what we meant to each other and what we were going to give to one another. It was so special. I’ll never forget it.

God had spoken to me on so many different instances over a time span of about a year and a half. And just seeing God’s will be divinely completed on June 1st was unbelievable

Being Keela’s husband will forever be the greatest honor of my life outside of serving God. Keela is the greatest gift God has ever given me. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing everything God has put in me to make her dreams come true.





All photos were taken by Cassie Lorree Photography. She is for real one of the most talented photographers I have ever known. Check her out! She always makes me look way better than I actually look, & she is so great at capturing raw real moments, as you can see in my pictures. 



This is our wedding video teaser shot by Wiler Weddings. If you are looking for a cinematic memory to watch over & over, these are your people. They are detail oriented & they care about you loving what they capture! Check them out y’all – you won’t regret it! I LOVE MY VIDEO!





I want to also thank BRACHA for making me custom earrings! I will include pictures of them at a later date. They also made all of my gang custom earrings! If you haven’t heard of Bracha – Go check them out right now! They have some of the BEST jewelry I have ever seen & a portion of their proceeds go to help those in need… I love that they have amazing items & they love God!