Love Fiercely

I shared this list with some of the staff at Elevate Life Church during a team meeting & I wanted to share with all of you as well… I think the more vulnerable we are about our growth & process, the more equipped & mature leaders we can help develop for the future. Why not give others the opportunity to do better than you did & be able to get a head-start on their own personal greatness.

My goal is to help people to grow faster, stronger, be better, & see things from a greater perspective than I could at their age. Below are some of my lessons during the early years in ministry & as a pastor – YES! For those of you who don’t know that about me, I am a pastor (Ordained in 2013) & am also the director of a leadership college for almost 8 1/2 years.

I have a passion to help people – all kinds of people… I believe that God has given me a passion to grow leaders! I hope this list helps you be real about your own lessons & be inspired to share them with others who could learn from you!

Disclaimer: Some of these lessons are still in progress… Just because you realize it is a lesson – does not mean that you have conquered the lesson yet! Some lessons are life-long, but my goal is to learn as quickly & effectively as possible – so that I can also help others!


Not everything I feel called to – I get to do yet. God has a time & season for everything! & it will never follow my personal timeline.


There will be times that I must submit to what I don’t agree with. When you choose submission & obedience – you choose a life of blessing.


Build relationships with those who serve/lead around you – don’t just give people orders… Personally care about them!


I am not going to always get recognition. So… stop looking for it!

It’s ALL about God anyways right!?!?


I am responsible for how long it takes me to mature. All of your personal growth is dependent on your choice to be the best version of yourself.


God will give you opportunities, relationships, finances, etc…

WHEN YOU ARE READY & in His time – Not when you want them!


Never speak out of or to something that you have NO real experience in… or that you are not living or willing to work on!


Stop being SO worried about your level of influence, who is following you, or how many people follow you… NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

Focus on being a person/leader who is effective not who has a lot of followers – Jesus had 12… well 11.


You not working well with others has way less to do with them & everything to do with YOU!

What doesn’t work around you – Is not working in you!


If you try & make your voice heard – You give God no room to share His voice through you!

I hope that this spoke to you & that you even are able to share it with someone that will be encouraged & helped… I want to leave you with the challenge to share your lessons – to help those around you.