Love Fiercely



At Elevate Life Church on the night of Good Friday… Pastor Keith Craft {My Dad} — preached a message titled, Jesus is Enough.


This message was so good… & I wanted to share some thoughts with you. At the bottom of this post, I also provided a link so you can watch/listen to the service.




I decided to look up the etymology of the word: Enough

It was interesting because the entire meaning of the word led me to another word — Sufficient. Which means, to take the place of, to replace. This gave me a whole new understanding to the words, JESUS IS ENOUGH& I realized:



  • There will never be anything good enough or strong enough about us that can overcome sin.


  • We are not powerful enough to overtake the schemes of the enemy.


  • & somehow when Jesus gives us freedom –  we react in such a manner… as if, we want our chains, because we think we deserve them & now we come to the conclusion we must free ourselves.



But that’s not the truth.



  •  Your goodness will never be good enough to set you free – only the goodness of God can.


  • & ONLY the power of God can overcome the enemy every time… 


  • We have been given a free gift – HOU have been set free by God & yet we find it hard to receive that freedom.


SO LET ME ENCOURAGE YOU IN THIS SEASON: You don’t have to fight so hard & try so hard to win your freedom.

God will always be the only one who is ever enough to serve as a replacement for you.  He literally takes our sin | brokenness | shame… all the unlovable parts of us & proclaims — I LOVE YOU! Just as you are, He loves you. Broken, He loves you. Ashamed, He loves you. Forgotten, He loves you. The failure, He loves you. & the only thing you have to do is change your allegiance.

You are free, so stop being a slave to anything that is not from God — for you. You see, He is the only thing that is powerful enough to save us. It doesn’t matter how smart | strong | or good you think you are on your own… Without Jesus we are broken | bound | & on our way to destruction… but WITH Him, freedom is not only possible — it’s already yours!

With Him, anything/anyone that is broken  becomes not just whole & healed… you become of use & beautiful & worthy in His kingdom. With Him, because of Him — we are enough, we can overcome anything!




Jesus will always be enough for you. He is always the answer  He loves you right where you stand in this moment. Even when you don’t love Him back.






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